Dr. Roxanne Sukol says “all health is personal.”  I couldn’t agree more, as we all have our stories and journeys around health and well-being.  She also advocates for eating well, as true nourishment is what heals.  Again, I couldn’t agree more, as it was deep nourishment that fortified my body and allowed me to gain the upper hand with a chronic condition. 

“Your health is on your plate” is one of Dr. Sukol’s main messages.

There were three game-changers for me with my experience with CFS, and in gaining the upper hand in my positive recovery:

Mindful living, deep nutrition, and becoming a conscious consumer.  One cannot undervalue the role deep nutrition plays in one’s body entering into and staying in a place of true well-being.  My book, The Memory of Health, goes into great detail on my experience with how real food helped my body to heal from a devastating chronic condition.  It’s the smallest changes that can add up to the biggest results.

It’s also when you experience game-changers like me, such as when I had real, amazing food for a week at an eco-resort in Costa Rica.  After eating local, organic (whenever possible) food that emphasized plant food such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs I noticed my health improved greatly.  I felt stronger, more resilient, more grounded (it’s near the equator too, so that helped!), and just stronger overall.

The food was so good and prepared with such love that I knew I had to do this for myself when I got home, as much as possible.  Preparing food and using quality ingredients takes work and planning, and I know it isn’t always easy with time, energy, and funds.  But eating real food on a consistent basis can truly give your body the upper hand and improve gut health, which can support the brain health (neuro-inflammation is connected to CFS).

The place I stayed in Costa Rica offers their recipes for free.  You can find them here:

You can find my book here on Lulu, and it will be on Amazon – including the e-book version – by summer 2016:  Wishing you  much success on your journey to well-being…xo




Are you curious about essential oils?

Come and learn how quality essential oils improved my mood, stress, and energy levels.

Natural supplements can be a crucial part of achieving true well-being.  I believe in being a concious consumer and making choices for well-being based on quality information.

Join me today as I talk about how quality essential oils have helped my stress levels, improved my energy levels, and improved my mood.   Knowledge is power!

Free essential oils for qualified individuals!  Listen to the end to find out details!

The host, Edie Summers, is an author, executive, and wellness advocate! I am passionate about holistic living!

I am a wellness professional with over 20 years experience. I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Health Psychology and certification in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Check out my book due out in early 2016 on mindfulness and conscious consumerism!  The Memory of Health

Listen here for how quality essential oils can help your quality of well-being!



So, I’ve tried just about everything it seems to get #candida under check in my body.  I’ve tried diet, supplements, you name it.  I was beginning to wonder if it was something I just couldn’t shake, due to a compromised immune system, and/or as even something I inherited (even through the womb).

I saw a display of Kevita at #WholeFoods, and, as always, decided to try it, just as a probiotic drink.  The flavor and specific drink from Kevita called Lemon Cayenne, Sparkling Probiotic Drink has no added sugar, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, lemon, and apparently the type of probiotics that kick my candida in the butt.

I have had consistent results, noticeably clearing up a stubborn infection, and it seems to help my immune system and energy levels too.    An overgrowth of candida may be tied to the immune system and may be implicated in some to many of the symptoms experienced in #CFS.

We are still in the infancy of learning about the microbiome, and the immune system, otherwise now known as the microbial interaction system.

I hope you find something that works for you, and check out my book, The Memory of Health, for much more information on tactics and products that have helped me gain the upper edge.  Thanks to #Kevita for making this fabulous product, and thanks to stores like #WholeFoods for carrying it so I could find it and try it…and improve my quality of life and well-being.  The natural foods industry has been a game-changer in improving my quality of life, health, and well-being.


Get the pdf here: [ecwid_product id=”94526844″ display=”picture title price options addtobag” version=”2″ show_border=”1″ show_price_on_button=”1″ center_align=”1″]

Much love,

Edie Summers xo


How many times have you made resolutions only to drop the ball a few days later? Why is this?

There are many components to achieving your health and wellness goals.

A comprehensive plan to achieve your health and wellness goals includes self-care, how to eat right, how to get fit, managing stress, and, most importantly, how find that one piece of the puzzle that helps you to achieve lasting results.

This is your time and year to:

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Get fit, get in shape, lose weight, eat better, manage your stress better, meet your goals this year with the support of a group environment! Social well-being is the missing piece of the puzzle in achieving health and wellness!

Improve your health, fitness levels, find support and learn to live well with a chronic condition like ME/CFS!

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