Tonight, I’m sharing three fitness principles that you should focus on going into the New Year.

But first, (as always) I want to pose a question to you. What makes you feel more fit? Is it exercise, or eating right?

This is the foundation of health: understanding self, more than anyone else. You have to know You more.

And you can’t know yourself if you don’t know what makes you feel, well, better. Good days versus bad days; what makes the difference?

You can go to the doctor, join and gym, get a trainer, etc, but at the end of the day, you look in the mirror and subconsciously ask…

all the right questions. Who am I? What did I do today? Who did I effect the most?

But this is the most important one of them all: Did I make changes that are beneficial or detrimental to myself? #eatlessmovemore #FatDoc

So knowing what makes you feel good about being You is one powerful key to wellness.

I thought about this a lot when I attempting to create a fitness regimen that I would ultimately follow and pass on to others.

It eventually became the Eat Less Move More Campaign. #eatlessmovemore

Here are three components of that Campaign that I ask participants to focus on.


1. Eat what you like, but maintain portion control. With some exceptions. (Fried foods, carbonated beverages)

2. Move more. In fact, twice as much as you normally do. If you walk one mile a day, go for two. Exercise 30 minutes, go for 60 minutes.

3. Set Goals and stick to a plan that works. Don’t get easily discouraged. It takes time and dedication!

Anything worth having is worth working for. And there is nothing more important than being healthy. How else can you help someone else?

Remember: it took a long time to cultivate bad habits. It will take even longer to maintain good ones! #FatDoc

All of this and more is available in my new book coming out 1/5/16 Fat Free For Life! Pre-order your copy now!


Have a good night and fight the good fight!



Hello everyone and welcome to the FB Chat with me, the ‪#‎FatDoc‬. It’s December 1st, 2015 and we only have 30 more days until 2016. With that being said. I know you all have stuffed yourself this past Thursday on Thanksgiving. and that’s why I am blogging tonight on some of my favorite ways to lose the belly fat from the holiday banquets.

Most of you probably are not really ready to commit to the ideal that you may have overeaten this past Thanksgiving. And for the most part, I’m willing to wager you did cross the line. You know. The line labeled, “EAT HERE IF YOU WANT TO BE SATISFIED.”

You may not want to admit it, but most of America overeats. Still not convinced? Ok. Answer these questions:

1. Have you ever supersized anything?

2. Have you eaten at a buffet before?

3. Have you ever eaten out of the ice cream carton or the potato chips?

So, suppose I were to ask another question. How much food did you really NEED to eat this past holiday weekend? What would you say?

‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬ ‪#‎FatDoc‬

Most likely, you wouldn’t know how to answer that question. Because, how much is too much?

Well, I started really watching the amount of food I would take in on a normal basis. How did I know if I ate too much? I could estimate the caloric intake, but that wasn’t enough. I had to go with hard evidence. The only way I could truly determine I had ‘acted a fool’ was to assess how I felt after eating.

If I felt full, too full, to the point where my stomach was encroaching on my stomach, I had overstepped my boundaries. I learned to eat until I was satisfied. That means ate only enough of what my eyes wanted. I would load my plate with a little bit of every item and when I was finished, I pushed away from the table and did not go back for seconds.

But you may not have done that and possibly overindulged too much. So what are you to do now? Get back to getting busy.
‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬ ‪#‎FatDoc‬ ‪#‎fatfree4life‬


Here are my 5 quick hitting activities to get you back on track.

1. Light walking. Start off with distance as a barometer of how much you’ve done. Half a mile, or one full mile. Either one counts towards getting you back on track. Track your time. When it gets too easy. Take it up a notch and finish the distance quicker.

2. Bike riding. Same thing here. Go for distance first, and track your time to complete it. Then advance to heart rate monitoring. Try to get your heart rate within a safe range of 75/80 of your heart rate max. 220-age = your maximal heart rate. Take 75-85% and work at it for a time period and stick with it and push yourself to new limits concerning distance and effort versus heart rate.

3. Swimming. Whether light or aggressive, swimming is a great exercise because it works multiple muscle groups at one time. Actually, you can activate 3-4 muscle groups or more per one stroke during swimming. Therefore, you get more work for your buck, or stroke that is.

4. Jogging. Take it up a notch from walking. Once you have achieved walking a certain distance at a good pace, at 75-85% of your age adjusted max heart rate, it’s time to add a jog. I suggest not building or taking down Rome in a day. Try interval training. Jog a big, walk a bit. Pick a distance within the mile where you will either run or walk. And then go at it, full throttle

5. Abdominals! I know you were hoping I’d skip it, but I didn’t. You’ve got to hit these and hard. I suggest planks verses crunches and lower abs versus upper abs. This means incorporating legs like reverse crunches and scissors.

Hope this gets you going everyone. We only 24 more days until Christmas and then New Years, if you don’t get right now, it will be that much harder going into 2016. And when all else fails, grab a copy of Fat Free For Life on January 5th, 2016.

Be safe!



11041096_857842397597869_7403125137230885863_nHello everyone and welcome to another night with the FatDoc! Tonight, I’m sharing my top 5 Metabolism Raising Exercises with Y.O.U. Stick around and thanks for stopping by. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬ ‪#‎fatfree4life‬

So I know I’ve preached tirelessly on that little ‘thing’ inside of you that desires to make you a calorie devouring machine. And you may have heard me mention once or twice about ways to maximize your fat burning potential.

I quite sure you’ve read about me preaching the importance of spiking ‘it’ to help meet your fitness goals. But really, I just realized I’ve never really focused my energy on giving you the exact exercise routine to crank your METABOLISM to insane levels. So guess what? ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬

The time for that is now. Today, I’m giving you my top 5 exercises that you can incorporate into your already established plan to ensure gains in metabolism efficiency so that it doesn’t just rise, it stays high!



Your metabolism is basically the sum of everything your body does. When you eat, enzymes in your body’s cells are called to break down the food so that its bi-products can be turned it into energy.

This energy is used to keep your heart beating, your mind churning, and your legs driving during a grueling workout. Slow metabolism equals no gains. Your body stays sluggish and only utilizes what it needs to stay at baseline. That means baseline results, and no loss of fat, not building of muscle.

But a fast metabolism translates to more calories burned. This equates to one overall outcome: the more you burn, the easier it is to drop pounds.‪#‎fatfree4life‬

“But what exercise exactly Braxton?” you ask.
Ask no more: Here you go:

1. Burpees – created in the 1930s by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee, Burpees consists of a series of the exercises performed in rapid succession, the test was meant to be a quick measure of agility, coordination and strength. These bad boys can be performed in sets of 3 with 6-8 reps. The key here is that Burpees activate multiple muscle groups at the same time, allowing you to reach maximal burn levels.


2. Push-Ups – Push-ups exercise the pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids, with ancillary benefits to the rest of the deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis and the midsection as a whole. Most anyone can perform a push-up (even if modified a bit) and gradually over time, you can increase the number you are able to do, receiving instance gratification for your efforts. ‪#‎fatfree4life‬ ‪#‎FatDoc‬

3. Swimming – in just one stroke of let’s say, the American Crawl, you can activate multiple muscle groups at a time. Don’t believe me? Here is a list of muscle that are activated during one bout of swimming.

Here are a few muscle groups you activate during swimming:
Shoulder muscles, including the deltoids, help to have your hand properly enter and exit the water.
Triceps and biceps aid in stroke speed and propulsion through the water.
Forearm muscle strength is required to pull under the water.

4. Fartleks – not as disgusting as they sound. Actually, fartleks means “speed play.” The word is native to Sweden, and is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. Simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.

So, what’s great about fartlek training is that you can do it on the open road or on a treadmill. The key is to pace yourself! This on and off mode of training helps to condition your body to work harder over finite periods of time. Metabolism rising!

Finally, one of my true favorites because they hurt like heck, but give instantaneous results.

5. Squats – a compound, full body exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks. It also helps to strengthen bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons.

A vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the legs and buttocks, it also activates trunk, costal, and shoulders/arm muscles as well. The more muscle you activate, the larger the gains in metabolic rate. ‪#‎fatfreeforlife‬

Ok, I’ve given my favorites, so implement them as you see fit. Supplementing some and not all, throughout the weeks, as you see fit will allow a great change up in your exercise routine and allow your body to make adjustments on the fly. This will spike your metabolism and help it to stay here. Before long, you’ll be shedding pounds and feeling great. Trust me.
Don’t forget to pre-order my new Health Book coming out January 5th 2016 – Fat Free For Life!





























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              First off, let’s define metabolism: the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. #eatlessmovemore              — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) November 4, 2015





























Hello everyone and welcome back to another night of ‪#‎FatFree‬ with me, the ‪#‎FatDoc‬. Tonight I’m dishing the goods on the 6 exercise alternatives to running that will help you burn calories and shed pounds!

Everybody does it at one point in their lifetime, but as time passes, our bodies age and yield to the clock, making it more and more difficult to continue to do it; at least at a rapid pace. And although we used to enjoy it so much, most of us trend towards the “Never Will Do It Again” end of the spectrum, rather than the “I Need to Do It, Even If it Hurts” end. No, I’m not talking about sex (although that topic will come up in this article), I’m referring to the art of running.

Yes, you may have never looked at running as an art-form at all, but from a therapist perspective, it is all that and so much more. To define running more clearly, one should look at it from a kinesiologist’s point of view.

At baseline, walking is merely catching oneself’s center of gravity (imaginary section of the body – usually mid-line in the trunk – where your center of mass is located) back over your base of support. This entails rotating the pelvis and advancing both lower extremities one at a time. There is also a lateral shift from side to side and slight elevation during what we therapists call the “Gait Cycle.” All this equates to (when done successfully) is produce efficient walking speed with a normal cadence.

But running is another ball game in an of itself. It involves moments of both feet being off the ground simultaneously, multiple muscle groups contracting and relaxing at high velocities in order to maintain speed and efficiency. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬ ‪#‎FatDoc‬

And let’s not forget the coordination between the arms and legs, while maintaining an erect spine. Thankfully, the brain modulates all these activities at a subconscious level and we barely have to break a sweat to do it; only to maintain it over time. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬ ‪#‎FatFree4Life‬

But again, like I said earlier, it’s just not an easy activity to perform as we get older and although it is an amazing way to burn calories, it really really hurts. Believe me, I know. After running competitively for over 10 years, the only thing I run now is my mouth! Holla back!



But I digress. Whether you hate running or you love it, you need to know some alternatives to running because t’s great to switch it up a bit every now and then and challenge your body in different ways to get results. So I’m going to spill the beans on 6 OTHER ways to get’er done.



1. Swimming – as many as eight different muscle groups can be activated in just one stroke! Both upper and lower body muscles get in on the fun.

2. Jumping Rope – easily burns at least 13 calories per minute while using more muscles than jogging, and also challenges balance and coordination.

3. Indoor Rowing – you seen people sitting on the stationary machines right? Well, you can average 12.5 calories per minute with this exercise. 30 minutes, equals 375!!! ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬

4. SEX – oh yeah! By average men burn 100 calories while women expend 69 (yes, 69) during the average sex session, as reported by research from the University of Montreal. FYI – average sessions run about 25 minutes. ‪#‎FatFree4Life‬ ‪#‎FatDoc‬

5. Battling Ropes – a little difficult to perform correctly, but very effective in shedding calories and burning fat. In terms of oxygen consumption, when performed correctly, you can take off about 10.3 calories per minute. And your arms and core will begin to look great too. Add in some alternating lunges to pick up the pace.

6. Kettlebell Swings – can be modified by using – wait! If you can;t buy a kettlebell, you don’t need to do this exercise. Use the right equipment on this one folks. The University of Wisconsin performed a study in which participants were able to burn a whopping 20 calories per minute and jacked up their heart rate to 93% of the maximum rate during the course of a 20 minute workout. ‪#‎FatDoc‬ ‪#‎FatFree4Life‬ ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬








There you have it my friends. Once again I’ve stripped away an more excuses you’ve been hiding behind. Running hurts – try these other options and the great things is that most of them can be done at home and with a PARTNER! Especially number 4. I’m just saying! Be safe and keep being fit.





— Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) October 21, 2015





















Hello All!
Welcome back to another nightly chat with me, the FatDoc. I know we all would love to have guns for days, meaning, arms of steel that can crack walnuts. And to keep it real, it’s hard as heck to build muscle in the arms anywhere near some of your favorite sports heroes and top models out there without some serious hard work, And even then, it is still an arduous task. But I’m here tonight to spill the beans and school you on what it takes to make the progress you desire.
‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬ ‪#‎FatFree4Life‬


Before I start, let’s breakdown a couple of exercise principles that you can’t ignore. These must be in place in order to get any results, no matter how hard you work.

First up, training frequency.

For the best results, 2-3 times a day is the recommended frequency for strength training and adding a little cardio 1-2 times a week if you really want to burn fat and/or lose weight.

If you begin your routine and get results early, remember this – you’re not on easy street yet. You have to continue to push the envelope. Add a rep or 2 to the mix, and/or increase the number of sets. Once you result begin to plateau, pick up the frequency even more, to possibly 4-5 times per week. Shocking the body is key!

How about exercise tempo? Tempo is the speed of the repetitions. Speed is everything when it comes to muscle building. Fast and slow twitch muscles respond to varying speed. Large motor units (fast twitch) respond to explosive, lighter weight, fast lifts and smaller motor units (slow twitch) love slower, heavier lifts. Varying the type of contractions (eccentric/concentric) will definitely do the trick.

‪#‎FatDoc‬ ‪#‎FatFree‬ ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬



Lastly is progression. The simplest thing that you can manipulate is the amount of weight. When you finish your last rep and your muscles are not begging you to stop and take a long break, you aren’t lifting enough. Increase at a rate that is both heavy enough to challenge you, yet light enough that you can manage the lift throughout the full ROM.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with the exercises,shall we?


1. Dips – Dips are a great workout because they can help to add definition to the tricep, bicep, deltoids, chest and back. You can vary the speed, number of repetitions, weight and angle of movement in order to maximize results.

How to Perform – Look straight ahead & keep your body as straight as possible while using the normal shoulder width grip or closer. You want to come down as deep as you can (preferably until your biceps touches your forearms) to get a better triceps workout but coming down far enough at least until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle is good enough.

Once you can do anywhere from 5-to-15 bodyweight dips then it’s time to start doing weighted dips if you really want bigger arms & chest.

2. Pull ups – Pull ups are compound exercises that work not only work your back and arms (latissimus dorci, bicep/tricep) pull your body up while your abs prevent your lower back from arching.

How to Perform – Proper Pullup form starts hanging on a pullup bar. Grip the bar shoulder-width apart with straight arms. Pull yourself up by pulling your elbows to the floor. Keep pulling until your chin passes the bar. Lower yourself all the way down until your arms are straight. Then pull yourself up again. You can emphasize your arms by gripping the bar with your palms facing up. These are Chinups and they’re effective for building bigger arms.

Lastly and one of my favorites, Push-ups. You may recall that I did an instructional YouTube video on how to perform it properly. I will attach it shortly. Check it out, after I pass on the knowledge.

3. Push-ups – Push-ups are one of the best exercises ever invented because they work a multitude of muscle from the arms and chest, to the core and even legs. They require zero equipment while building strength in all of the right places and they have hundreds of variations to keep things fresh.


How to Perform – When down on the ground, set your hands at a distance that is slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be set up in a way that feels right and comfortable to you. Keep your body in a straight line – from the top of your head down through your heels. Your head should be looking slightly ahead of you, not straight down. Now, slowly lower yourself down to the floor, barely touch it with your chest, and then come back up. At the top of your push up, pause. Your arms should be straight and supporting your weight.



When it’s all over (pain and sweat), following these simple three exercise faves will have you seeing results in no time. Goodbye flab, hello fab!

Here’s the link to the push-up vid I promised you. Stay safe!