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This is my user-friendly book on how to get more energy NOW!  It’s called Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!

For a more detailed exploration of how to get more energy, check out my new book called The Memory of Health.


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My latest book is out:  The Memory of Health

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This book was a labor of love.  It took me ten years to write and covers my experience with a chronic condition: ME/CFS/SEID.  

It is designed to be a resource, where you can hopefully find hope and possibly even answers on any page of the book.  I have a short introduction that goes over what worked best for me, so you don’t have to search in the book either for answers.

I tell my story of how I developed chronic fatigue, and also cover different theories of chronic fatigue, as well as talk about environmental toxins, self-care, nutrition, mindset, wellness coaching, and much, much more!

The Memory of Health is a memoir and guide to living well.  It is a meditation and conversation on well-being.

What makes you thrive, even in the face of great odds? What makes you come alive?

At the age of 22, Edie developed chronic fatigue after having surgery for a ski accident.

While physical therapy was helpful, she had to seek alternative treatment to regain full use of her knee. In the course of seeking answers to her health challenges, she discovered the power of mindful living and became a conscious consumer in her quest for true well-being.

Whether you like mainstream, alternative, or integrative medicine as your solution for health and well-being, be conscious of the choices you make, because they matter.

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