Do you suffer from great challenge and/or a great health challenge?

Learn what worked for me, and what may work for you…

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Welcome!  It is my goal and life’s purpose to EMPOWER people to become CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS and also to harness their well-being so they can thrive, be happy, and live their dreams!    I have positive recovery from a chronic condition.  

In the quest of seeking answers to my health challenges, I began working in the natural foods industry.   I was a consultant, buyer, and supplements broker.


After getting my first job in the supplements department of a natural foods store, I learned about healthy living and alternative health.  I began to apply what I learned and I began to get better.  There are many tactics that made me better that I talk about in detail in my book coming out early in 2016, called The Memory of Health.  

But, I am here today to talk to YOU about how I can help you.  Perhaps you have a health challenge that has brought you here seeking answers.  Perhaps you just wish to live a healthier lifestyle.  Whatever your reasons for landing on this page, I welcome you and encourage you to stay connected: sign up for my blog feed on here and come join us for free on ConnektWell:  www.ConnektWell.com

Wellness Coaching is about empowering YOU to change your health habits FOR GOOD so you can open up your life again to POSSIBILITY.

When was the last time you felt your life had a sense of POSSIBILITY?

Whatever your health blocks or challenges are, YOU have the power to CHANGE FOR GOOD!


It is the way to bridge the gap between You and YOUR HEALTH GOALS.


Chances are you are here because you are looking for…

INFORMATION                MOTIVATION                INSPIRATION

about your health, your health goals, or your health concerns…


whether you’re looking to lose weight, eat better, stop smoking, reduce your stress levels, follow through on your doctor’s recommendations, or just feel and look better…

What I Can Do For You Help You Get “Unstuck”

Serve As A Source of Accountability

Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Give You New Skills to Break Old Habits

Empower, Inspire, Encourage, & Motivate You Help You To Stay on Track Even When You Want to Give Up

Help You To Maximize Your Real Energy & Minimize Your Stress

Change is possible.  You can change for good!  I can coach you on how to make lasting lifestyle changes. 

How?  With proven methods based on science and coaching psychology.

I know what it is like to try to change.  I had to change in order to manage a chronic condition (CFS).  I have to make self-care a priority,  and eat fresh, live foods.   I know how hard it can seem to change habits you’ve had for years and years.  And yet, I also know that change is possible, and not as hard as you think.     It’s about taking it slow, setting realistic goals, having support (wellness coaching and social support), and focusing on the positive no matter what occurs along the way.   You can do this, you can change.   There are skills and strengths you already have, plus the backing of proven scientific methods to help you along your way.  You are not in this alone, and CHANGE  is inevitable.   Change is on your side.  You can CHANGE FOR GOOD and I can help!  I am a CERTIFIED WELLNESS COACH, and I offer Individual and Group Wellness Coaching, Stress and Energy Management classes, and Conscious Living Techniques.

Wellness Coaching is the facilitation of peak physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental health.  A coach doesn’t just point to a mountain and tell you to climb it in order to reach the top.

They climb it with you.

Coaching helps you to build the bridge between your dream or goal and the final result.   Coaching helps you to break down the walls of old habits that no longer serve you.   A coach is a source of empowerment, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, and education.  A coach is your best ally and a source of accountability. Wellness Coaching is a field that specializes in proven methods of how people change for good.  You can do this!  I am here to help guide you along the way and never give up on you.  

Change is not only possible, it is inevitable!

If you desire to CHANGE and have the motivation and courage, and BELIEF IN YOURSELF, then you are the kind of client with whom I work.

I love wellness coaching, but I only work with people who have a deep desire and MOTIVATION to change.

Even if you don’t believe in yourself 100%, but you have FAITH that there really is a way to change your damaging health habits for good, then you are the kind of person who would benefit from working with me. I am very PASSIONATE about wellness coaching, and I know it works, from both personal and professional experience.   The methods I use have been proven to work over an over for thousands upon thousands of people.  They are based on what’s known as evidence-based psychology, and developed thoroughly by the team at Well Coaches.

These are the kind of clients I work with:

* You’re Done with Quick Fixes and Wish to Change for Good

* You Realize Your Health is Your Best Asset and Wish to Protect and Value it

* You are Done Sitting on the Fence with your Health Habits

* You Realize it’s About Wellness and Vitality, not random Weight Loss

* You Wish to be The Expert and Master of Your Health and Life

* You Wish to Master the Mental Game of Life and Vitality

* You Wish to Reach Peak Performance in your Life, Health, Work, etc.

* Willing to do the Work – You are Ready and Willing to take the Small Steps that lead to Big Changes

* Ensure Your Future – You Wish to Get or Stay Well for your Future and your Family

This is your LIFE.   How much do you desire to feel good and feel free from health habits that keep you going in circles and feeling unhealthy?

What VALUE do you place on FEELING GOOD? How much do you value and RESPECT yourself, your body, and this one PRECIOUS LIFE you have been given to live?

If you can find what MOTIVATES you to change, give me a call.  This is all you need to get started.

What moves you to change? You could be motivated out of FEAR, yes.  But that won’t get you very far. But if you can find a REASON to change that is based on LOVE, INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, etc. you can and will change for good.

Remember, you will not be in this alone.  That is the whole point of coaching.  I can guide you down this new path, that YOU have chosen to get and stay on…

Together, we can change the very thing that has caused you so much pain for so long. That which you shine a light on is illuminated in light, and diminished in fear. Reach out to me today, and let’s shine a light on your FEAR. It’s not really that scary.  It’s just there, in the dark, in your way, blocking your true path and effortless health.

If you are ready, I am here, on the other path, ready to go… We will do whatever it takes to get you on the path to well-being.  I offer work in person as well, if you  live in the area, or wish to travel and spend some time with me, or I can come work with you as well with my VIP services.

I offer fitness coaching, yoga sessions, nutrition coaching, wellness coaching, mind-body fitness, QiGong, dance instruction, stretching, meditation, and natural healthcare consulting. Contact Me Today!  

If you read my book, The Memory of Health, you are probably looking for this recipe!

My Perfect Protein Shake
1 Organic Banana
2 scoops Vanilla or Chocolate Sun Warrior Protein
8 oz. Vanilla Hempmilk
1 Tblsp. Lecithin
1 Tsp. Hawaiian Spirulina
I dropper liquid vanilla stevia
I packet Truvia
Blend in blender.  You can add ice, if you like as well.  Vanilla really offsets the taste of greens like spirulina!
I use  NOW lecithin, Nutrex spirulina, NuNaturals liquid vanilla stevia, and Pacific Hemp Vanilla.