Eat Food & Get Nourished to Be Truly Well – “Your Health is On Your Plate”




Dr. Roxanne Sukol says “all health is personal.”  I couldn’t agree more, as we all have our stories and journeys around health and well-being.  She also advocates for eating well, as true nourishment is what heals.  Again, I couldn’t agree more, as it was deep nourishment that fortified my body and allowed me to gain the upper hand with a chronic condition. 

“Your health is on your plate” is one of Dr. Sukol’s main messages.

There were three game-changers for me with my experience with CFS, and in gaining the upper hand in my positive recovery:

Mindful living, deep nutrition, and becoming a conscious consumer.  One cannot undervalue the role deep nutrition plays in one’s body entering into and staying in a place of true well-being.  My book, The Memory of Health, goes into great detail on my experience with how real food helped my body to heal from a devastating chronic condition.  It’s the smallest changes that can add up to the biggest results.

It’s also when you experience game-changers like me, such as when I had real, amazing food for a week at an eco-resort in Costa Rica.  After eating local, organic (whenever possible) food that emphasized plant food such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs I noticed my health improved greatly.  I felt stronger, more resilient, more grounded (it’s near the equator too, so that helped!), and just stronger overall.

The food was so good and prepared with such love that I knew I had to do this for myself when I got home, as much as possible.  Preparing food and using quality ingredients takes work and planning, and I know it isn’t always easy with time, energy, and funds.  But eating real food on a consistent basis can truly give your body the upper hand and improve gut health, which can support the brain health (neuro-inflammation is connected to CFS).

The place I stayed in Costa Rica offers their recipes for free.  You can find them here:

You can find my book here on Lulu, and it will be on Amazon – including the e-book version – by summer 2016:  Wishing you  much success on your journey to well-being…xo