So, I’ve tried just about everything it seems to get #candida under check in my body.  I’ve tried diet, supplements, you name it.  I was beginning to wonder if it was something I just couldn’t shake, due to a compromised immune system, and/or as even something I inherited (even through the womb).

I saw a display of Kevita at #WholeFoods, and, as always, decided to try it, just as a probiotic drink.  The flavor and specific drink from Kevita called Lemon Cayenne, Sparkling Probiotic Drink has no added sugar, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, lemon, and apparently the type of probiotics that kick my candida in the butt.

I have had consistent results, noticeably clearing up a stubborn infection, and it seems to help my immune system and energy levels too.    An overgrowth of candida may be tied to the immune system and may be implicated in some to many of the symptoms experienced in #CFS.

We are still in the infancy of learning about the microbiome, and the immune system, otherwise now known as the microbial interaction system.

I hope you find something that works for you, and check out my book, The Memory of Health, for much more information on tactics and products that have helped me gain the upper edge.  Thanks to #Kevita for making this fabulous product, and thanks to stores like #WholeFoods for carrying it so I could find it and try it…and improve my quality of life and well-being.  The natural foods industry has been a game-changer in improving my quality of life, health, and well-being.


Get the pdf here:

Much love,

Edie Summers xo


How many times have you made resolutions only to drop the ball a few days later? Why is this?

There are many components to achieving your health and wellness goals.

A comprehensive plan to achieve your health and wellness goals includes self-care, how to eat right, how to get fit, managing stress, and, most importantly, how find that one piece of the puzzle that helps you to achieve lasting results.

This is your time and year to:

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Tonight, I’m sharing three fitness principles that you should focus on going into the New Year.

But first, (as always) I want to pose a question to you. What makes you feel more fit? Is it exercise, or eating right?

This is the foundation of health: understanding self, more than anyone else. You have to know You more.

And you can’t know yourself if you don’t know what makes you feel, well, better. Good days versus bad days; what makes the difference?

You can go to the doctor, join and gym, get a trainer, etc, but at the end of the day, you look in the mirror and subconsciously ask…

all the right questions. Who am I? What did I do today? Who did I effect the most?

But this is the most important one of them all: Did I make changes that are beneficial or detrimental to myself? #eatlessmovemore #FatDoc

So knowing what makes you feel good about being You is one powerful key to wellness.

I thought about this a lot when I attempting to create a fitness regimen that I would ultimately follow and pass on to others.

It eventually became the Eat Less Move More Campaign. #eatlessmovemore

Here are three components of that Campaign that I ask participants to focus on.


1. Eat what you like, but maintain portion control. With some exceptions. (Fried foods, carbonated beverages)

2. Move more. In fact, twice as much as you normally do. If you walk one mile a day, go for two. Exercise 30 minutes, go for 60 minutes.

3. Set Goals and stick to a plan that works. Don’t get easily discouraged. It takes time and dedication!

Anything worth having is worth working for. And there is nothing more important than being healthy. How else can you help someone else?

Remember: it took a long time to cultivate bad habits. It will take even longer to maintain good ones! #FatDoc

All of this and more is available in my new book coming out 1/5/16 Fat Free For Life! goo.gl/Ha2Sai Pre-order your copy now!


Have a good night and fight the good fight!