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Are you on a quest for wellness? Join me as I interview celebrities and leaders in the fields of wellness, alternative & integrative health, lifestyle medicine, fitness, coaching, counseling, psychology, spirituality, the fine arts, sustainability, environmental health, and the inspirational communities to start you on your journey toward vibrant health & well-being!


Some of my Celebrity guests! Summer Rayne Oakes, Eco-Model & Environmental Leader, Tami Simon, Founder of Sounds True, Dr. Braxton A. Cosby, Author, Actor, Smashon Fitness Brand Ambassador, Marc David, Founder of Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Celebrity Chef Sam Talbot, Marilyn Tam, Global Business Leader & Humanitarian

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Note: I appreciate the many requests I get for interviews on my radio show.

Due to limited time, I cannot get back to everyone.  Thank you!


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Note: I appreciate the many requests I get for interviews on my radio show.

Due to limited time, I cannot get back to everyone.  Thank you!

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