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Do you suffer from great challenge and/or a great health challenge?

Learn what worked for me, and what may work for you…

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When was the last time you felt your life had a sense of POSSIBILITY?

What would you do if you could feel that feeling again…and feel it most, if not ALL of  the time?

What is WELL-BEING?  How do I find the right WELLNESS FORMULA for myself?


Feeling great in mind and body, feeling worthy, feeling loved, feeling powerful, taking action, being financially solid, having healthy, empowered relationships, realizing your dreams, goals, and full potential.  


That magical mix of mindset, action, and circumstances where you are living deeply in the NOW and realizing your FULL potential every day!

It includes what you eat, what you think, how you move, with whom you associate, etc.

Only YOU know what is going to work for you.  But, a coach can help you see yourself and your life better – like a mirror – and also give you tips and tools from wisdom, training, and experience. 

What I Wish For You To Know About Yourself…

YOU are already whole, loved, and amazing.  YOU have the innate capacity to reach your full potential.

Whatever you think is standing in your way, is an ILLUSION.

What is the way through this illusion, this MAZE?

The right MINDSET…

How do you access and practice the right mindset?

There are a bunch of tools:  

Wellness coaching, mindfulness and the application of mindfulness, being socially connected,  realizing your innate worth, looking at your habits from a new angle and practicing releasing them with skills and tools, etc.

I know where you are, as I have been there myself.

I have faced abuse, anxiety, chronic illness, domestic violence…

I know what it’s like to feel POWERLESS…

But, the TRUTH is, you are already POWERFUL.  It’s just about ACCESSING YOUR POWER.

This is where coaching is so powerful.  It empowers YOU to be, feel, and act with EMPOWERMENT.

I empower people to be well so they can reach their full potential.

To read more about how wellness coaching can help you to become truly empowered click here!

What is Wellness Coaching?


Health insurance premiums have skyrocketed.   In response, corporations have developed wellness programs to, essentially, keep rising insurance rates in check.  Some companies even require their employees to pass certain tests to gauge or serve as markers of health, a predicament for some employees with pre-existing or chronic conditions.  Wellness coaching is often part of many corporate programs as well, coaching individuals on how to change their health behaviors for good with lasting results.

Coaching started in the corporate sector, so it makes sense that corporations would be the first to embrace wellness coaching as well.  Wellness coaching can also help those with health challenges learn new skills to better manage – or move out of – their chronic and/or pre-existing conditions.   It is a brand new part of healthcare, with an extremely positive forecast. 

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Wellness coaching has only been around for about 15 years.   It is new, but it is here to stay.  But what exactly is wellness coaching and why should you care?

Essentially, wellness coaching helps you to build better health habits, and release old habits that no longer serve your highest good.   Topics in a coaching session may cover fitness, nutrition, stress and weight management, and mental and emotional health, etc.   A wellness coach really gets down in the trenches with you and serves as a source of accountability, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and walks beside you as your health partner.  A wellness coach does not point to a mountain and tell you that if you want to reach the top, you have to climb to the top. A wellness coach will actually go on the trip with you.  A wellness coach is like your personal wellness Sherpa.  Personalized attention in this day and age is like a breath of fresh air.  Add to that someone who cares, knows, and champions your health?  That’s a winning formula for success.

If you have never worked with a coach, you are in for a real treat, coupled with a new model of wellness that has a proven track record.  Bullseye.

A wellness coach bridges the gap between what we know we should be doing in terms of our health and what we are actually doing. So, of course, most of us know that we need to be eating well, and exercising on a regular basis.  Yet many of us do neither.  Why is that?  This is the question wellness coaching addresses through what is known as coaching psychology.  Wellness coaches aren’t just shooting in the dark when it comes to helping you change your health habits.   Wellness coaching is backed by years of solid science and research in such diverse fields as counseling, non-violent communication, psychology, sociology, etc.

Changing health behaviors for good takes time, it is a process.  A lot of us don’t realize that.  We get so down on ourselves when we don’t change a habit instantly, where, in reality, it is not realistic to change overnight. Change is a process. It is more of a spiral than a straight line and actually there are six steps of change that most people go through and each step is as important as the other step.

One of the steps is contemplation. You are contemplating and thinking about changing and, you think to yourself “Okay, I am gonna start exercising more.”   You might start surfing the net, looking up articles on yoga, walking, or running groups, and you might be thinking to yourself “Okay, well, I have researched a lot and I have maybe even tested out a few classes or I bought some exercise videos, but I have not really done anything consistently yet.”  You may think you are still in the same place you were before, or that “I am not changing.”   But, in reality, you are changing because again, remember, change is a process, there are different stages of change, and each stage of change is just as relevant as the other.  Action is important, yes, absolutely.  But so are contemplation, preparation, and maintenance.  Be proud of yourself, know you’re doing all you can do with what resources and skills you currently have, and remember that change takes time.

The most important thing you can do when changing a health habit or a lifestyle is to stay positive and not get down on yourself when you are trying to lose weight or quit smoking, or change any kind of other health habit that you have that maybe has been following you around for a number of years and — the most important thing is just reach out and stay connected.

“Connection is the currency of wellness.”

~ John Travis.

Most of us change and heal the best in the presence of others.  Support from a wellness coach, and or a group or certain individuals are crucial to your journey.  Of course there are many people that change on their own, but if you really want to speed up the process of change and be most effective, it is really important to connect with other people. This could actually be the most important thing that you do in terms of your wellness goals, to reach out and connect with others in a group wellness coaching format, or by seeking out a wellness coach.  Group wellness coaching is designed to connect with other people that are going through the same exact thing or have similar goals or challenges as you.  You would be amazed at how much easier it can be to make changes and reach your health goals with support either from a highly trained wellness coach or through a group wellness coaching series of classes and/or support group.

Whatever your health goals are, you can achieve them and change for good.  Whether you are trying to lose weight or quit smoking, or change any kind of other health habit that you have that maybe has been following you around for a number of years, the most important thing is to just reach out, stay connected, stay positive, and keep walking down the path.  Reach out to your family, reach out to your friends, and reach out to a group of people with a similar story, or a professional to guide you along your way.  Be proactive, creative, keep the faith, and remember that change is on your side.  You can find the focus that this will happen for me; it is just a matter of time.  Change is inevitable.  This is one of the secrets that wellness coaches know.   It is inevitable that you will change, because actually, change is the one constant in life.  Not only do people change all the time, and that means that you can change as well.  Change is the only guarantee in life.  But change actually is on your side, and that is a new way to think about it.   I hope you realize that your health is really precious, and that you come to value it again or for the first time.  I hope you realize that taking care of yourself is really not as hard as many of us think it is. The goal is to reconnect with your body, and step back into your power and your life.   You can do this.  Wellness coaching can help you along the way.


It is the way to bridge the gap between You and YOUR HEALTH GOALS.    

Wellness Coaching is about empowering YOU to change your health habits FOR GOOD so you can open up your life again to POSSIBILITY.

When was the last time you felt your life had a sense of POSSIBILITY?

Whatever your health blocks or challenges are, YOU have the power to CHANGE FOR GOOD!

Wellness Coaching is the facilitation of peak physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental health.  A coach doesn’t just point to a mountain and tell you to climb it in order to reach the top.  They climb it with you.   Coaching helps you to build the bridge between your dream or goal and the final result.   Coaching helps you to break down the walls of old habits that no longer serve you.   A coach is a source of empowerment, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, and education.  A coach is your best ally and a source of accountability.

What is Wellness Coaching and How Can it Help Me?

In short, a wellness coach helps you to achieve your health goals.

A lot of us have health goals we are having trouble following through on.

Wellness Coaching:

Helps You Get “Unstuck”
Serves As A Source of Accountability
Helps You Achieve Your Health Goals
Gives You New Skills to Break Old Habits
Empowers, Inspires, Encourages, & Motivates You
Helps You To Stay on Track Even When You Want to Give Up

Helps You To Maximize Your Real Energy & Minimize Your Stress

A wellness coach helps you to follow through – accountability – and also helps you to break down old habits that are in your way and break through to the next level of health.

A wellness coach also helps people who are working with a healthcare practitioner to follow through on what their practitioner has recommended they do in order to get well.

A wellness coach helps you to bridge the gap between your wish or dream for yourself and the final result.








Change – You Can Do It

YOU can change the very thing you think you cannot change.

I help people change what they think they cannot change:  their health habits, seemingly glued in cement by their deeply held beliefs about themselves.

Whether it’s emotional eating to hide from your authentic feelings, smoking to dampen your true voice, not moving because you’re afraid who might be looking, or any deeply ingrained counterproductive health habit you secretly harbor and only do when it’s you alone in your house or your car…I can help you change what you think you cannot change.


First, I’ve been there myself.  I know what’s it like to feel stuck, even feel like you are a SLAVE to a health habit you don’t even like.   I know what’s it like to feel like you may never be able to break free of an addictive health habit because you’ve tried a thousand times, but it keeps resurfacing.   I also know what it’s like to be FREE of enslaving health habits that make you feel so bad, even ashamed.

How do you break free?

First, you need distance, because more often than not, we are too close to our pain to see it clearly.  We can FEEL it, but we can’t seem to break free because it has become the familiar circle we orbit, and it has seem to become the only path in sight.  How do you find other paths?  You ask for  help, guidance, get a map, create a map (which are your goals, ideals, wellness vision, etc) and start rewiring your brain.  Yes, your brain.

Don’t get me wrong, people change their health habits ALL THE TIME.  Many even do it on their own.  I can even teach you self-coaching techniques to help yourself, which is really what people are doing who are successful.

There are MANY techniques we can use to change your health habits for good.

But the two most tried and true techniques are setting short-term goals, and by focusing on the positive – focusing on what’s going RIGHT, not what’s going wrong (your current health habit to be precise). 

That which you focus on takes focus…and determines the way your brain and neural pathways will be programmed for that day, that week, that month, that year, and, ultimately, your lifetime.

What do you want the path you’re walking on to look like?  Is is currently filled with weeds – the obstacles of your undesirable health habits?

If you desire to CHANGE and have the motivation and courage, and BELIEF IN YOURSELF, then you are the kind of client with whom I work.

Even if you don’t believe in yourself 100%, but you have FAITH that there really is a way to change your damaging health habits for good, then you are the kind of person who would benefit from working with me.

I am very PASSIONATE about wellness coaching, and I know it works, from personal experience.  This is not rocket science.  But the methods I use have been proven to work over an over for thousands upon thousands of people.

This is your LIFE.   How much do you desire to feel good and feel free from health habits that keep you going in circles and feeling unhealthy?

What VALUE do you place on FEELING GOOD?   How much do you value and RESPECT yourself, your body, and this one PRECIOUS LIFE you have been given to live?

If you can find what MOTIVATES you to change, give me a call.  This is all you need to get started.  What moves you to change?

You could be motivated out of FEAR, yes.  But that won’t get you very far.

But if you can find a REASON to change that is based on LOVE, INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, etc. you can and will change for good.

Remember, you will not be in this alone.  That is the whole point of coaching.  I can guide you down this new path, that YOU have chosen to get and stay on…

Together, we can change the very thing that has caused you so much pain for so long.

That which you shine a light on is illuminated in light, and diminished in fear.

Reach out to me today, and let’s shine a light on your FEAR.

It’s not really that scary.  It’s just there, in the dark, in your way, blocking your true path and effortless health.

If you are ready, I am here, on the other path, ready to go….

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Empowered Living:  Live with Joy, Live with Purpose

I am all about living an empowered life!  

When you come from a place of self-love and empowerment, the whole world opens up!

How can you get empowered?

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When you know your purpose (check out this radio interview with Marilyn Tam) and know you are LOVED – no matter what! – life opens up and you begin to manifest what you truly DESIRE!  How amazing is that!  🙂

How do you find your purpose?  How do you know you are loved?  How do you harness your natural skills and talent so you can thrive?

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