The Five Pillars of Wellness with Dr. Braxton A. Cosby The Fat Doc & Smashon’s Fitness Brand Ambassador!

Good evening everyone and welcome to another night with me the #FatDoc. Tonight I’m going to give you my 5 Pillars of Wellness! — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) November 11, 2015   Before we can discuss my 5 pillars, we need to first understand what it means to have wellness? #eatlessmovemore — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) November 11, 2015   So let’s look at the definition of wellness. #FatDoc #eatlessmovemore — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) November 11, 2015   The […]

Tackling Exercise Myths with The Fat Doc, Braxton Cosby! Myth: Getting Rid of Belly Fat Doing Crunches or The “Ab Machine”

            Welcome everyone and thank you for stopping by. This is ‪#‎FATFREE‬ and I am the ‪#‎FATDOC‬. Tonight I am running my mouth and spitting out the facts on exercise and fitness myths that may be making you and/or keeping fat on you. The exercise myth I’m tackling tonight is: Doing crunches or working on an “ab machine” will get rid of belly fat. Don’t we wish it was that easy. Think about it. Everyone […]

Ask The Fat Doc: Eating Well vs. Exercise – Which One is More Important? Both!

So the answer is, BOTH. You have to manage both, with maybe one or the other having a little more focus than the other. — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) July 29, 2015   Most people miss the importance of managing their eating and their exercise. Even I have to keep a handle on my food. — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) July 29, 2015   If you want t maintain, that should work fine by balancing what you put in and […]

Know Your Numbers with Dr. Braxton A. Cosby: The Fat Doc & Smashon Fitness Brand Ambassador!

@BraxtonACosby So true, always good to know how your inside functions so you can be productive the correct way. Knowledge is power!! — Dr. Stacy Haynes (@Dr_StacyHaynes) July 15, 2015   We need glucose to stay alive, but too much in the blood stream can have long-term effects that are life-threatening. #eatlessmovemore — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) July 15, 2015   and be unhealthy. Remember, BMI is a predictor of the likelihood to develop secondary diseases of excess weight. #eatlessmovemore […]