The Top 3 Stomach Slimming Exercises by The Fat Doc, Dr. Braxton A. Cosby

The following is a transcribe of Braxton’s FB Chat and some of his Twitter chat on getting a six pack. Join the conversation! The first one up, and my personal favorite are planks! Here’s why. When it comes to sculpting the rectus abdominis, no exercise matches planks. Studies show that there is a 25% more muscle tension gain from doing planks *(whether timed or repetitions) when compared to crunches. That means, that you get more bang for you buck, […]

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@BraxtonACosby protein shakes, salads & walking! — Tamora (@TamoraWilliams) June 3, 2015  

#1 Secret: Mastery of Well-Being & Success

What is the #1 secret to harnessing well-being and success? Mindset! How do you strengthen mindset? Coaching psychology, positive psychology, power of community, exercise, positive relationships, and the practice and application of mindfulness. Your mind is like a web… One thought reverberates through whole mind-body system. You can literally create and strengthen neural networks that deeply affect your health, wellbeing, mindset, and success! You have the power to change, and emerge into your full potential! Harness the power of your […]