The Vanishing Honeybee and Your Health

The honeybee is vanishing due to pesticides.  Honeybees pollinate crops like apples, cucumbers, and blueberries.   What would you or your health do without these foods? Over 100,000 species go extinct ever year.   This is an alarming statistic.  Species evolve over millions of years.  Most last around 10 million years if not disrupted.  The rate of extinction is now 100 to 1000 greater than it used to be. What would we do without the honeybee? I explore environmental toxins and their […]

Summer Rayne Oakes – Eco-Model & Environmental Scientist

Summer Rayne Oakes – Eco-Model & Environmental Scientist You’ve set your clocks, now mark your calendars! Summer Rayne Oakes is an environmental scientist, environmental activist, entomologist turned eco-model, and one of the foremost authorities in sustainable design. Her passion is Nature! Join us for a scintillating talk this Spring on March 21st @ 4pm PST/7pm EST:–environmental-scientist-eco-model