Buy Local and Sustainable When Possible. Make Every Day Earth Day! #EarthDay2017

It’s Earth Day, 2017!  I am a huge fan of Nature and this Earth, and all the ways she sustains us in mind, body, and spirit. One touch of Nature makes all the world kin.  ~ William Shakespeare Part of respecting the Earth, is what we eat and how we treat what we eat. Sustainable eating is complicated. It’s time-intensive and confusing to compare the carbon footprint of, say, an organic apple grown a thousand miles away and trucked to […]

Earth Day: Following Your Passion with Environmental Activist, Scientist & Eco-Model Summer Rayne Oakes

                      Summer Rayne Oakes has taken an unlikely career path, having parlayed her background in environmental science and entomology with a successful career as a fashion model. Considered one of the foremost authorities in sustainable design, Oakes has co-founded the award-winning online materials marketplace, Source4Style; authored the best-selling style guide, Style, Naturally; is creative designer behind her line of recycled optics and shades called eco by Summer Rayne Oakes; has […]

Summer Rayne Oakes – Eco-Model & Environmental Scientist

Summer Rayne Oakes – Eco-Model & Environmental Scientist You’ve set your clocks, now mark your calendars! Summer Rayne Oakes is an environmental scientist, environmental activist, entomologist turned eco-model, and one of the foremost authorities in sustainable design. Her passion is Nature! Join us for a scintillating talk this Spring on March 21st @ 4pm PST/7pm EST:–environmental-scientist-eco-model