What Does It Take to Be Well? YOU!










Remember how Dorothy didn’t know that she had the power all along to get back home to Kansas?  Turns out all she had to do was CLICK HER HEELS.  What is the magic ingredient in changing your health for the better?  YOU.  You’ve had it all along!  A lot of times clients get really excited at the beginning of sessions and think the coach is going to magically transform their life and their problems will just melt away.  It doesn’t exactly work like this, although you can and will experience RADICAL transformation if you jump in the river and GO WITH THE FLOW of the coaching process.  Your coach or therapist DOES play a crucial role in your healing journey.  This is true, and you should be excited.  A compassionate, non-judgmental relationship with a coach or therapist goes a LONG WAY toward change and healing.

HOWEVER, the most radical, beautiful, change happens because of YOU!  This is a good thing, trust me.  When you realize YOU have the power to change your life, this is where the real MAGIC HAPPENS.  How does change happen then?  And why does it feel like work? When you change for other people – to please them – or when you change out of FEAR – so you won’t feel humiliated on the beach – you are changing for EXTERNAL reasons, and that, my friend, is HARD WORK.  In fact, it feels like you are carrying the weight of the world on you.  Who wants to do that FOREVER?

When you change because you LOVE  yourself, and VALUE yourself, change FEELS GREAT and EFFORTLESS often.  Here’s a tip, figure out what your very HIGHEST IDEAL is, and change FOR THAT REASON.  When you change a health habit because you desire so strongly to stay true to and be there for your VISION – what you VALUE, YOUR HIGHEST IDEALS – change is not only effortless, it’s enjoyable, because you are FOCUSING ON YOUR VISION, AND SEEING IT COME TO FRUITION.  Real change also happens when we build a sense of self-confidence, that yes, I CAN DO THIS.  Self-confidence comes by achieving, small, attainable goals.  One…goal…at…a…time.  This is another way a coach can really help you along your JOURNEY.  Yes, there are so many benefits to wellness coaching.  But the most important benefit of all is that you get to meet your amazing, powerful SELF in the process.  And your POWERFUL SELF, my friend, can do and be anything she wants.   Just look within, believe in yourself, and click your heels…









Are You a Wellness Warrior?  Are You Getting The Support you Need to Truly Thrive?

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic, and we are more isolated than ever these days.  Loneliness can lead to or exacerbate health issues as well. 

Connection and Social Well-Being are the missing pieces in well-being.

No matter our circumstances, we all need support.   Click here to learn more about how you can get the support you need to thrive along the way:





About the Author


Edie Summers has positive recovery from ME/CFS and is a tireless advocate for those facing chronic conditions such as MS, RA, ME/CFS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, etc.  Her goal is to empower as many people worldwide who face chronic conditions and to inspire true well-being no matter what the body experiences.   She is the author of the book The Memory of Health, to be released in the spring of 2016.   The Memory of Health details her personal journey through ME/CFS and how she tries to live each day with as much mindfulness as possible to cultivate well-being in mind, body, and soul.  Her comprehensive book also covers environmental toxins, theories of ME/CFS and chronic fatigue, self-care, stress management, positive psychology, and much more.  It is designed to be a resource for well-being and to live well with chronic illness.  You can find it here:


She offers the wellness support website http://www.connektwell.com/ an intimate social networking site for wellness retreats and masterminds both online and offline, healthy living, as well as support groups for ME/CFS, chronic illness, self-coaching programs, telecalls & webinars, etc.   She is an author, wellness coach, and yoga instructor:  http://ediesummers.wix.com/yoga

She is an executive for the health and fitness tech start-up Smashon:  https://www.smashon.com/  She offers the self-coaching program Coach Your Way to More Energy!  which is a comprehensive self-coaching course designed to empower and support people facing ME/CFS or those looking to improve energy and well-being or manage stress and learn how to practice more self-care by cultivating mindfulness:


She offers a year-long wellness program to help people learn how to feel good and practice well-being, no matter their circumstances.  Topics covered include self-care, yoga, mindfulness, stress management, getting in shape, eating well, fitness and nutrition coaching, body image, self-esteem, weight loss, living well with a chronic condition, and the importance of social well-being.  The group is run online with live group tele-calls, and private support on FB, as well as meeting twice a year for wellness retreats.  To find out more and sign up, click here:


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