Deepen Your Yoga Practice with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Celebrity Yoga Teachers

Watch and join the discussion on how to deepen your yoga practice.   What does it mean to practice yoga today, and especially in the West?  Tune in for truly amazing information and a relevant discussion on yoga today! To find out more about my colleague, Mariko, click here!

YogaDance by Mariko Hirakawa to Raga Charukeshi played by Krishna Bhatt: Viraha Rasa: The Anguish of Separation

I had the very special honor of witnessing this performance in person at the 2nd annual YogaFest in Morgan Hill, CA. Mariko has a way of making yoga come to life and inspire people to reach their full potential through the power of Yoga in all of its infinite grace, beauty, and limitless power.  You are Yoga, you are Life, you are pure, potential energy … Visit for more info on booking or working with Mariko.  

Manifesting w/Yoga How to Open into Silence, the Space of Infinite Possibilities