New Research Suggests The Powerful Blue Pigment Anthocyanin May Help Protect VS. Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.

Here is the link for this image and the original article from Delicious Living on this important topic: New research suggests that anthocyanins, the nutrients that give the corn its lovely blue color, may also help protect against metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. I love anthocyanins.  It is part of what makes one of my favorite foods and supplements so powerful: Hawaiian blue-green Spirulina Now, there is reasearch suggesting that this powerful blue pigment may help protect […]

Welcome the Season of Thanks and Giving – Give Thanks, Give From Your Heart & Simply Awesome Holiday Recipes To Fill You Up!

    For me, we have just entered the season of Thanks & Giving.  Thanksgiving is officially over, but the holiday season has swung into full gear.  While we can give and give thanks all year round, this time of year makes it easier to be in the Flow. We have ample opportunities to share our thanks and gratitude for this world and one another, as well as give both from our hearts and pocketbooks.   In the spirit of […]

Transparency & Traceability: Why Being a Conscious Consumer Matters!

Why does being a conscious consumer matter?  There are many reasons: Better quality of food, fair trade and practices, food sustainability, knowing the origins of your food and supplements (also known as traceability) There’s no doubt about it: We’re waking up to the importance of how we nurture our bodies and our health. Today, good food renegades are lighting fires of passion across the nation, leading the way toward a new kind of food system—one that prioritizes quality, access and […]