Self-Care in Uncertain Times

Chronic fatigue is on the rise and learn from Edie as she shares how she manages it during her personal uncertain times many years ago.Lots of self care tips you can use to take care of your wellbeing. Premier video at You can find “The Memory of Health” here: #selfcare #chronicfatigue #cfs #covid19 #resilience #mindfulness #sleep

How to Bounce Back from Chronic Fatigue

You can find “The Memory of Health” here:

Cortisol, Fatigue, and Auto-Immunity

  I’ve seen discussion regarding the connection between #cortisol levels and #fatigue. While we are still uncovering the cause of #CFS – and we don’t know if it’s #autoimmune or not yet – here are some clues to the nature of an auto-immune condition: First, cortisol’s main role is to help maintain energy to cope with stress. Second, in people with auto-immune conditions, the cortisol response may be compromised. For other people, their stress response may still be responsive, but there may be irregularities in their immune […]