Easy and Mellow Yoga for More Energy



Hi!  I’m Edie.  I developed chronic fatigue after hurting my knee in a ski accident and having surgery for it in my early twenties. I tried everything to get better and to get my energy back.

What works?  It’s a combination of things:  diet, self-care, mind-body practices like yoga, reducing  your toxic load, stress management, using high-quality supplements (or p.drugs that work), community,high-quality sleep, etc.

p.s. Did you know I wrote a whole book on the subject of how I got well?

It’s called The Memory of HealthYou can read more here about what worked for me, and what may work for you.  Click here to find it:  https://portlandwellnesscoach.com/wellnesscoaching/


Are you needing to get  more energy? 

Have you tried yoga yet?

Yoga and other forms of mind-body practices can really help with energy!  How?  They help your body stay or get into the Relaxation Response (which is the opposite of the stress response) where healing takes place in your body.  Try Tai Chi and Qi-Gong too!  I make some videos that combine yoga, tai chi, and Qi-Gong too.  

Here is a sample of just one way I use yoga to get more energy.  This video is a mellow, vinyasa flow.

Note: I will be making other yoga and mind-body videos that are more mellow too, if you have severe chronic fatigue.  Subscribe on my YouTube channel to make sure you know when new videos come out!

Note!  To do Downward Dog correctly (shown in this video), place feet under your hips, and send your hips high to the sky.  Press back through the palms of your hands, and soften through your knees.

Need more mellow yoga?  Follow me on YouTube.  I will be doing super mellow and restorative yoga too!


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