Products I Love ❤ Gaia’s Mood Uplift

Products I Love ❤ Gaia’s Mood Uplift* This is a great formula to gently uplift your mood! This wonderful product did not make me sleepy, and gently lifted up my mood consistently.  It also helped me lift up my energy levels and reduce my stress levels.   A great herbal formula to uplift your mood naturally! From Let the Light In With Gaia Herbs Mood Uplift — a mood-enhancing herbal supplement thoughtfully formulated with St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola […]

Products I Love ❤ L-Theanine Serene

      Products I Love ❤ L-Theanine Serene* This is a simply wonderful product to help you sleep better and also calm down during the day! I have been using this product for years as a natural sleep aid.  It also works well during the day to calm one’s nerves, especially if you have been feeling stressed out. They make another, similar brand: L-Theanine Serene with Relora, to help you combat the effects of too much cortisol in your […]

Products I Love ❤ Nature’s Fusions Essential Oils

These are really great essential oil blends!  They are extremely therapeutic and comforting!  They made me feel amazing!  Wonderful, therapeutic blends! You can find* some of their oils here: Nature’s Fusion’s Essential Oils are fantastic blends for many purposes: I love their Fire and Ice blend for muscles:  it made my sore muscles feel better, and it was both relaxing and invigorating too! I was fortunate enough to be given 3 amazing blends to try.  In addition to Fire and […]

Products I Love ❤ AnxioCalm

AnxioCalm helps my body relax, helps to reduce anxiety, helps  my mood, all without drowsiness. AnxioCalm contains echinacea, which is a source of phytocannabinoids. You can read more about how CBD works in the body and why is it a wellness breakthrough!* Find AnxioCalm here: High-quality supplements offered by the natural foods industry changed my life.   I am very sensitive to artificial ingredients, GMO’s, fillers, and low-quality ingredients (did you know if you are sensitive to something, it can create […]