Sure-Fire Ways to Burn Calories with The Fat Doc & Smashon Brand Ambassador Dr. Braxon A. Cosby!







I’m going to give you three sure fire ways to burn calories more efficiently. One – exercise. The most obvious one right. But there are many ways to skin a cat. It’s no longer just all about cardio. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬

The best way to add to the normal burn is to add lean muscle mass. That means you need to strength train. At least a third of the time you are in the gym, if not half.

Muscles require energy to be maintained. Therefore, the processes of your body to do so is governed by the efficiency of the system. Your metabolism.‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬

Once your metabolism increases, the body burns fuel (glucose, ATP, fat, carbohydrates) at a faster rate and even goes into storage centers (fat) to pull what is not available so that you don’t shut down. Exercise alone is not enough to make this happen. Lean muscle mass is the key. I burn more calories during my strength training workouts as I do during an hour of Spin Class (cardio).







The next key – eat right. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬

Eating the right foods at the right time of day can make a serious impact in how you manage what goes in, gets used and stays in your body.

Recommendations for eating during the day: Morning – high carbs 60-70% of your plate with 20% veggies and 10% protein, Lunch -carbs 30-40% of your plate with 20% veggies and 40-50% protein, Dinner – carbs 10-15% of your plate with 60% veggies and 20% protein.

Also, avoid eating desert prior to eating your meal. This causes a serious spike in your blood sugar and subsequent insulin dumping into your bloodstream. That drives your appetite and makes you want to eat more. So there is a huge chance that you will over eat when you shouldn’t. To go a little further, there is a chance that if you eat your food, you may not want to eat the desert at the end. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬

You need fuel foods and junk foods that slow you down should be substituted by healthy alternatives.








Lastly – sleep patterns make a difference in weight gain. If your sleep cycle is off, so too will be your eating cycle. You will eat at crazy times of the night and most likely crave foods that are unhealthy for you. High calorie foods are normally the culprit.


Avoid eating late at night unless you chow down on things like nuts and yogurts, that take longer to digest and break down, thus increasing your metabolism. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬