Should I Take Supplements? How High-Quality Supplements Keep Me Well



Even if you have the “perfect diet” (we all know there’s no such thing, right?), chances are you’ll still falling short on some key nutrients. Check out this food for thought on dietary supplements, brought to you by Inside the Bottle.*

Dietary supplements were once popular only with nutrition radicals. But today, they have mass appeal thanks to a growing body of clinical evidence showing that, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, supplements can support vitality in our fast-paced world. As a result, a walloping 68 percent of American adults now take supplements, according to a 2015 Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) survey. Even conventional-medicine practitioners are starting to recognize the importance of nutritional supplementation.

Still, people are left with plenty of questions:

How do I know if a product is safe?
Should I believe media headlines?
Which supplements should I choose?


Safety, efficacy, quality, and traceability are all very important when it comes to something you are ingesting into your body.

Equally important is knowing what types of supplements work for your unique needs.

Here are just some of the reasons you might consider when taking supplements to help your health and enhance your well-being and quality of life, and click here for the full, awesome infographic on this subject!


Reasons You May Wish to Take Supplements:

  • The quality of our soil is depleted

  • Stress

  • To sleep better

  • If you are female

  • If you have an acute or chronic condition

  • If you are immune-comprised

  • If you are very young or elderly

  • If you take certain medications

  • If you are vegan, vegetarian, or lactose-intolerant 

Again, click here to see the full infographic on why you should consider taking supplements!

High-quality supplements offered by the natural foods industry changed my life.   I am very sensitive to artificial ingredients, GMO’s, fillers, and low-quality ingredients (did you know if you are sensitive to something, it can create inflammation in the body – a big No-No!).

When I developed chronic fatigue, I turned to the natural foods industry to seek answers.   I began working in the supplements department of a natural foods store, and taking high-quality supplements (I’ve tried hundreds of them to find which ones work for me), and by learning how to eat well, I improved my energy levels and well-being significantly.

I cannot take prescription drugs, so for me, having access to high-quality supplements was a game-changer.

I take them every day, and they make a BIG difference in the quality of my life and well-being.  I discuss supplements in great detail in my book, The Memory of Health.

You can find my book here.


*This article is from Delicious Living and is based on the original article you can find here.