Are Supplements Regulated? Yes!



Did you know that dietary supplements are 2,000 times as safe as regulated pharmaceuticals?

This is good news for someone like me who is sensitive to prescription drugs.  While not every “natural” (a meaningless word currently) supplement is necessarily good for you (think herbal stimulants – most are fine, though, don’t get me wrong), supplements are nonetheless regulated and this is very good news.

Issues like transparency, quality, and sourcing are very important as well to many manufacturers of supplements.  There are many, many high-quality, highly effective supplements out there!

Get the facts on transparency in supplements with this clarifying infographic brought to you by Delicious Living.


Did you know?  Many supplements are synthetic as well, and the industry was originally started or dominated by the drug companies!  Look for pharmaceutical grade or, better, yet, food-based supplements when possible.  Of course, herbs are not synthetic, although some may be standardized.

But, give reputable companies a chance no matter their method of creating supplements.  In this day and age, with depleted soil and skyrocketing stress and chronic conditions, most of us could benefit from high-quality supplementation.