How to Change Your Bad Health Habits



“I’m finally feeling free.” Jim Benton

How to Change Your Bad Health Habits for Good

Go from being chained to your unhealthy habits, to looking forward to the day and your life…

Jim Benton & Dash: A Story of Change from Virgin Pulse on Vimeo.

We keep repeating our health habits (or any habit) because, on some level, they work for us.

It’s when we can develop the awareness that (maybe) some of our habits are actually hurting us in the longer run, that we can begin to gently take on new, healthier habits that work for us vs. against us.

Use your power of awareness to gently take a look at what is working for you or may be working against you.  The goal is to tweak your habits (hint: we can have beneficial habits too) that improve your well-being and quality of Life.

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