Book Tour – Hope For Chronic Conditions – Help Me Empower People to Live Well!



Help me do my book tour and spread the messages of hope for those with chronic conditions, living a healthy lifestyle and becoming a conscious consumer. As a way of saying thanks, I will reward you with my book an/or coaching programs!

Let’s change the world, one conscious choice at a time both personally and socially! This book took me ten years to write. Help me to spread the message! Help me spread the word about the power of mindfulness, the mind-body connection, and living a healthy lifestyle. Help me spread the word and give hope to those who have chronic conditions. Help me spread the word about being a conscious consumer, and how people can make the biggest and quickest impact by voting with their pocketbooks!

Help Me Empower People to Live Well!

It is my goal to empower as many people worldwide as possible to embrace the mind-body connection, living a healthy & conscious lifestyle, and giving hope to those facing health challenges!

  • Thank you so much for checking out my campaign!  My name is Edie Summers, and I have positive recovery from a chronic condition known as ME/CFS/SEID.
  • I have a new book out that details how I used deep nutrition, mindful living, and becoming a conscious consumer in order to heal.  My book is called The Memory of Health, and I need your help to spread the word!
  • As I mentioned, it is my goal to inspire and empower as many people worldwide to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and to empower those facing chronic conditions.  I am seeking your help to do a book tour, targeted at natural foods stores, natural foods expos, and bookstores across the USA and even the globe!

Help me reach more people and I will reward you with my books and coaching programs!

What We Need & What You Get

My goal is to attend Expo East & Expo West (the Expos for the Natural Foods Industry) & Do Talks at Natural Foods Stores That Promote Educational Seminars for Their Customers on Healthy Living & Conscious Consumerism

  • My goal is to attend both Natural Industry Expos (East & West) and to set up talks and book signings at natural food stores across the USA.
  • In exchange for supporting my book tour, I will gift you my books and/or coaching packages based on the level of your donation.
  • I will set up as many talks at stores as I can, based on your donations.

The Impact

Holistic Well-Being is More Important than Ever As Is Being A Conscious Consumer.  We Need to Make The Choices We Make as Consumers Count!

  • Being a socially conscious consumer is more important than ever.  The quickest way to make a difference is with your actions as a consumer.
  • In addition, more people than ever are turning to alternative means to solve their health and wellness challenges.  This is how I became a conscious consumer, in my quest to solve my challenges with chronic fatigue.
  • This is why the natural foods industry (both their expos and the natural foods stores) are the ideal places to promote my book as well as talk about living a truly healthy lifestyle, overcoming health and wellness challenges, and rising up as consumers to demand change at the grassroots level.
  • My book, The Memory of Health, is not only a story and resource, it is a call-to-action.  I am looking to empower people to realize their own power not only as consumers, but as whole beings, who truly can make a difference.  We CAN make a difference and it starts with what we buy!  This book to took me ten years to write.  Help me to spread the message!
  • Other Ways You Can Help

    Can’t contribute?  No problem!  Perhaps you can help me spread the word?

    • If you can, please share on your social media channels.  Perhaps you can interview me on your blog, podcast, etc.?   I can interview you too on my top-rated internet radio show! Much gratitude in advance!
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    Ready?  Here we go!  Let’s change the world, one conscious choice at a time.

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