From Resolution to Evolution: Create Great Moments to Make This Your Best Year Ever!



It’s almost mid-January.  How are you doing?  Have you fallen off the New Year’s resolution bandwagon yet?

I read or heard somewhere the concept of New Year’s Evolution vs. Resolution.  The point is to evolve this year as a person, versus trying to keep strict or unrealistic resolutions.

I love this concept.  How can you set a goal, goals, or vision for yourself to evolve this year, one day, or even one moment or breath at a time?

What would your life and the world at large look like if we all evolved to our highest selves?

This concept brings up a concept that occurred to me a few years ago:

Making this moment your best moment ever

Here’s an idea:  to have the best year ever, make this your best moment ever…

Every year I see ads and magazines saying “This year will be your best yet!”  While I love this idea, we cannot have great years without first creating great moments.

How do you do this?  It’s called mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the practice of truly being here in the Now.

How do you practice being mindful?  Channel any stray, negative, or stressful thoughts into your breath.  Over time, this will get easier, and it can literally help you to build positive neural pathways, which greatly influence your habits.

When you change your health and wellness habits, guess what the result is? 

Great moments, days, and years.  🙂

Man Meditating on a Rock at the Beach --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Mindfulness practice and mindfulness meditation has Buddhist roots.  While the traditional focus is to become mindful and live deeply in the moment, in order to alleviate suffering, the practice has very useful applications that can greatly help your health, well-being, and quality of life.

It literally comes back to how mindfulness can change the structure of your brain.  The stronger your positive neural pathways are, the more likely you are to naturally make healthy choices.

This is not McMindfulness, this is science-based research, backed by thousands of years of mindfulness practice.

Being mindful is the first step toward having more great moments, days, and years…

First, be here now, in “This Moment.”  Make “This Moment” your best yet…be your best Self in this moment.

Allow yourself to evolve as your best self in this present moment, to see what can unfold

We cannot consistently have great days, months, and years without first being full present in the moment.

This is where our greatest challenge lies, but also our greatest opportunity to evolve and transform.

Evolving into our best selves’ can bring us our greatest joys, rewards, and triumphs!

All we every truly have is this moment.  Live “This Moment” with joy, awareness, and presence, and the rest naturally follows.

The opportunity to evolve and for growth and to change is absolutely possible, and we get there

~ One Mindful Moment At A Time ~

My wish for you is to focus on having great moments this year…

This is what leads to your own souls’ growth and, perhaps, finally fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions.

What if I get stuck, you say?  We all have triggers that can cause us to feel stuck:

Shame (that we’re not good enough to deserve to be happy, for instance)

Stress (we’re just feeling too stressed to be mindful enough to stay present)

Story (we are living in the past or living in the future)

What is the solution to your lagging resolutions?  Remember, evolution is a process.

Practice peace and compassion with yourself.  Be grateful for each perfectly imperfect moment as it unfolds.  Do your best to show up for it as joyful and grateful and present as possible.

And then see what unfolds…

And, if you feel the need to make a resolution, consider living one, positive, mindful moment at a time   

Here’s to your  New Year’s Evolution and making the most of every moment, day, and experience this year!

Wishing you joy, peace, presence, love and a wonderfully fulfilling year and life… 

Be Grateful ❤

Wishing You Peace In the New Year