Bruce Lipton on Quantum Energy

An atom is a nano-tornado, a spinning force field…it’s not a particle, it’s made up of energy. You’re an energy field, broadcasting energy. In a quantum world, nothing is separate. We are broadcasting like a radio. We are affecting one another. To read others’ energy and how you feel about something or someone, ask the question of your heart, not your head. #BruceLipton

“We Just Want Someone to Believe Our Story” ~ Mari Thomas

    “We Just Want Someone to Believe Our Story”   ~ Mari Thomas Watch this video with Mari Thomas: Mari Thomas on Having Lyme Disease  One of the most important aspects of healing is having our currently storylines be heard.  Most of us just need someone to hear and believe our stories.  So many people who are sick or coping with chronic conditions lack basic empathy and understanding from others.  This can keep us from healing…   Having someone […]

Loneliness: We Were Born to Connect

Are you feeling lonely these days? You’re not alone (pun not intended, but it fits). The truth is, we’re meant to connect: it’s a basic human need. Our brains produce oxytocin in response to connection, and it can help us stay well Oxytocin is powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain (Psychology Today: Click for Quote) and is a calming and connection hormone (Dean Ware: Click for Quote), which counteracts the effects of stress and adrenaline. Listen to […]

How to Notice & Heal From Signs of Abuse

I have been in several abusive relationships. Sometimes, we aren’t aware we are in something abusive. One way to know for sure, is to listen to your body:  It never lies My body couldn’t take one more minute of abuse… For me, my body tells me when something’s not working.  I start getting symptoms like anxiety & fatigue. I talk about how I healed from abuse and chronic illness (CFS) in my book, The Memory of Health.  You can check […]