“We Just Want Someone to Believe Our Story” ~ Mari Thomas





“We Just Want Someone to Believe Our Story”


~ Mari Thomas

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Mari Thomas on Having Lyme Disease

 One of the most important aspects of healing is having our currently storylines be heard.  Most of us just need someone to hear and believe our stories.  So many people who are sick or coping with chronic conditions lack basic empathy and understanding from others.  This can keep us from healing…


Having someone hold space for us is crucial to healing, whatever healing may look or feel like*


For me, at first, I had to accept my story and where my body was.  Today, while I still have to fight to stay well (I have a liver disorder, so it’s constant maintenance with eating well, managing stress, taking supplements, practicing yoga, and avoiding toxins to my body), I do my best not to attach to my “story” about having health issues.

How we “see” ourselves is crucial as it affects our confidence and biochemistries.  However, we all need to be “seen” for who we are as well.


I do my best to see myself as whole, and well, and healed.

But, even today, as well as along my healing journey, I needed at least one person to believe me, and believe in me.

Believe in yourself, yes, for sure…but we are all interconnected, and we need others to express empathy for our challenging paths.


Today, I consider myself a wellness warrior.  I fight to be well, each and every day. 

I believe in my capacity to feel well, and do my best to live from that belief system.


Excerpts from The Memory of Health

(Find it here: The Memory of Health)



Chapter One – My Story


In My Shoes




Finally, so many of my untold stories have found a home in this book that I write.  I could not tell some of my stories to anyone.  Either I was too afraid, or I didn’t have anyone to tell them to.  So I am telling them here instead.


What are you afraid to tell about yourself?


Maybe you, like me, can whisper them here to a captive audience, the pages of this book, and they will bear witness to what you could not bear to say on your own.


Tell your story.  Release your soul…


My story.   At first, this was the easiest part of the book to write.  Now, in the final stages, I cringe at the idea of it being shared.


What is worse than shame, pain, judgment, or blame?  Being stuck in a story that is no longer yours or one that no longer serves you.


So I release my story to you, to the wind, to the waters, to god.  It is what it is.  For whatever reason, whatever it is, this is what transpired.


But before I tell you mine, what is story anyway?


We love stories because we love the process, the journey itself.  We want to know how it starts and how it ends, and what was overcome in between.


We are the heroes and heroines of our own lives, whether or not we can see it.


Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves and others are different than the stories our bodies tell.  But your body never lies, cannot lie to you, nor can you lie to your body.  Every story you tell others or yourself about who you are shows up verbatim in your body.


Your body’s story is the one you should listen to, especially if you are on a healing path.  The path of healing leads you to your authentic self.  It is a true gift and a direct path.


What does it mean to tell your story?  Why do some people say to embody your story, and others say to leave it behind?  What is the truth?


First of all, it’s what is your truth.  What works for you?  This is the truth if there ever was one.  If nothing else, I hope you take this away from this book:


What works for you?  What truths lie in your heart that you find the courage to express and embody without an ounce of fear?


Here is my truth


I believe it is helpful, if not essential, to embody your story at some point in time, to acknowledge it, to feel it … but then, ultimately, to let it go, let it fall away down the river, float downstream and join your perfectly alchemized, serendipitous past.


What lies ahead?


The radiant, magical presence where “story” is a beautiful, blank page filled in by the joys and sorrows of the day, and then washed away by the medicine of the night.


What we inhabit – like our bodies – deep down we know and can feel.   What we release, releases us, and allows us to be truly free.


What can you know and then release?  Your habits, your fears, your body, your life, your love, your wishes, your story



*”Heal” is a relative term.  Some of us recover, some don’t, some of us find a middle ground in-between.  But, I believe healing truly happens when we are heard and seen for who we are, and seen and accepted as whole beings, doing our best in any given moment in time.