Bob The Street Cat: Homeless Cat and Man Save One Another – Heart-Warming Story!

   “I believe it came down to this little man. He came and asked me for help, and he needed me more than I needed to abuse my own body.”   This warms my heart!  Here is the story of the  power of  positive attachment: By Kate Woodberry, Born in the UK, James moved to Australia with his mother and step-father following his parent’s divorce. A tense and unsettled home-life, combined with bullying at school led to problems and James […]

Learn How to Be Strong – Build Your Mindset Like a Muscle – Free Live Training!

  What if your “mindset” could open doors to everything? Mindset is a muscle. You can LEARN how to apply it, if you’re ready to create real magic in your life. Register for this FREE live event on Mindset and how it can transform your life! Join 4x NYT bestselling author JJ Virgin + other top transformational teachers. When life gets tough – and it does for everyone – what we need is a strategy, a way forward to […]

Great Affiliate Opportunity!

Hi there, Every once in awhile, something comes along that you can tell has the potential to change lives for everyone involved. I’m supporting an incredible new launch, and I’d love to invite you to support it as well. I don’t know if you’ve met or heard of JJ Virgin. She’s best known for her work in health and weight loss, with 4 NY Times bestsellers and two hit diet programs. However, you may not know what’s been going on […]

You Are Stronger Than You Think Movie

I want to invite you into the most powerful conversation about miracles – and mindset – that I think has ever taken place. My friend, JJ Virgin’s, movie premiere, You Are Stronger Than You Think opens today. (And I have a front row ticket for you). Check it out here! The world’s leading minds debate that miracles are even possible. …But this movie has created a powerful idea to consider: not only are miracles possible, they come from you, […]