How to Notice & Heal From Signs of Abuse

I have been in several abusive relationships. Sometimes, we aren’t aware we are in something abusive. One way to know for sure, is to listen to your body:  It never lies My body couldn’t take one more minute of abuse… For me, my body tells me when something’s not working.  I start getting symptoms like anxiety & fatigue. I talk about how I healed from abuse and chronic illness (CFS) in my book, The Memory of Health.  You can check […]

Empowering Women Through Entreprenuership‏

“Statistics show that 90% of women are stressed out about finances; the majority of us are feeling vulnerable and unprepared for our financial future. Women, in fact, are three times as likely as men to suffer from overwhelming financial stress.” It is one of my goals to empower women with chronic conditions, who live in poverty, or are survivors of domestic violence to be able to support themselves through entrepreneurship.  Kristin Sweeting Morelli is a self-made millionaire dedicated to empowering […]