Savor the Joys of Intimacy, Naturally




“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

I am reviewing Legatto, Intimate massage oil for women.  You can find it here:


This is a very nice intimate massage oil.  It has a wonderful consistency to it, and a really wonderful aroma.  It has a fantastic, natural scent from essential oils that smells like sandalwood to me, which is a naturally very intimate, sensual aroma.  In addition, the oils used to make this massage oil include argan and hemp oil.

Argan oil is a fantastic oil that has a fabulous consistency for the skin, etc.  Hemp oil is known to have some mild, pain-relieving qualities (I believe it has natural CBD in it, correct me if I’m wrong).

It also has jojoba oil and grape seed oil in it, both of which are very easily absorbed into the skin.  This is a great combination of oils, herbs, and essential oils, designed for intimate massage and beyond.*

While this product I am reviewing is an intimate massage oil, this company also makes an opiod-alternative.  You can check it out here:

Leggato has fantastic ingredients, and is made by a company with a background in music, chemistry, and herbalism.  Not a bad combination!

In fact, the goal of Resonant Botanicals is to ‘counter the stressful cacophony of modern life.’    Amen to that!

Check out some of the organic, awesome ingredients in this intimate massage oil:

Argan Oil – a very nice consistency for massage

Hemp Oil – may contain natural pain-relieving properities, great for skin

Jojoba Oil – perfect for massage

Borage Oil – great for skin

Shea Oils – a very nice moisturizer for skin

Maca Root – may help balance hormones

Passionflower – a natural aphrodisiac

Damiana – a natural aphrodisiac

Amazing essential oils – sandalwood (?)…a proprietary blend

Beyond the awesome scent created by the proprietary blend of essential oils, and the great carrier oils, what I love most about this organic oil blend are the following:

Topical Aphrodisiac – This formula has damiana, in addition to other herbal aphrodisiacs.  Damiana is known to have an aphrodisiac-like quality to it.  I definitely noticed this when using this product, and I was very happy to find a topical aphrodisiac formula.  Apply to thinner areas of your forearms or abdomen.

Improved Hormonal Balance – Maca (and maybe Damiana too) may help your body to achieve better hormonal balance as well.  Again, this was my experience using this product.  Unbalanced hormones can result in symptoms like fatigue, low libido, etc.

Enhanced Libido – Again, another wonderful benefit of this topical aphrodisiac in my eyes is an enhanced libido.

From the Resonant Botanicals website:

Each [Resonant Botanicals product] is scientifically formulated with the most effective herbs in a superior delivery system designed to counter the stressful cacophony of modern life.

In creating Resonant Botanicals, I gathered together an eclectic and wildly talented group of people who share my philosophy and love of nature. My education is in chemistry, and I have a fascination with how molecules get metabolized (processed) in our body. In herbal medicine, the whole plant is extracted, with all its beneficial properties and all the “entourage” molecules are made available to assist in the relief process. While it is not patentable, these actions have been observed for thousands of years through many different cultures, and that is where we have chosen to place our focus with our products.”

Look, we live in a modern, often stressful world.  We need to counter balance this stress with Joy. 

The joys of intimacy, whether that’s a hug, massage, and beyond, are healing and necessary. 

This is a fantastic product to help you slow down and savor the joys of intimacy.

*Note: I personally don’t recommend using this oil as a lubricant, but the company implies this is ok, I believe.  It is, however, a FANTASTIC massage oil with a lovely scent, and it has several aphrodisiacal herbs in it, including damiana, passionflower, etc.  It’s a wonderful intimate massage oil!