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AnxioCalm helps my body relax, helps to reduce anxiety, helps  my mood, all without drowsiness.

AnxioCalm contains echinacea, which is a source of phytocannabinoids.

You can read more about how CBD works in the body and why is it a wellness breakthrough!*

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High-quality supplements offered by the natural foods industry changed my life.   I am very sensitive to artificial ingredients, GMO’s, fillers, and low-quality ingredients (did you know if you are sensitive to something, it can create inflammation in the body – a big no-no!).

When I developed chronic fatigue, I turned to the natural foods industry to seek answers.   I began working in the supplements department of a natural foods store, and taking high-quality supplements (I’ve tried hundreds of them to find which ones work for me), and by learning how to eat well, I improved my energy levels and well-being significantly.  You can read more about my  journey here and in my book, The Memory of Health (see link below).

I cannot take prescription drugs, so for me, having access to high-quality supplements was a game-changer. 

In my quest for answers to my health challenges and well-being, I became a Conscious Consumer.  

I take them every day, and they make a BIG difference in the quality of my life and well-being.  I discuss supplements in great detail in my book, The Memory of Health.

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