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McLaren Family Support

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Friends of the McLaren family are uniting to raise money to help with the loss of income and extra expenses since Keith’s hospitalization.

Keith, Melissa, Hannah, and Drew moved to Storrs, CT a little over a year ago so that Keith could achieve his dream of getting a doctorate from the University of Connecticut. They left secure jobs and a great support network to come to a new place.

On September 16, 2013 Keith had a severe migraine and a stroke-like episode that left him unable to speak or move the left side of his body. Melissa called 911 and he was taken to Hartford Hospital . At Hartford hospital the medical team was unable to give an accurate diagnosis for what Keith was experiencing and after five days of monitoring they released him to a rehabilitation facility.

In rehab Keith continued to have terrible migraines, which were mostly unmanageable. He did make considerable progress with his physical therapy and once he was 80% recovered after 3 weeks time, the insurance company said it was time for him to go home. Keith was home only 10 days when he had another stroke-like event. The cycle was repeated all over again with hospitalization in Hartford and a new rehabilitation facility. Keith has been away from home for 41 days and counting.

Melissa and Keith are still searching for a neurologist that will see Keith as a patient and it is their concern that these episodes will continue to occur if the neurological symptoms and/or cause is not addressed.

The financial impact to the family has been great. Keith had to quit his part time job at UConn which brought in a significant portion of the family’s income. Due to time constraints and more responsibilities Melissa has been unable to work her jewelry business as much as she would like and she needs to pay a sitter each time she has a show, when before Drew would hang out with Keith. The family is spending a lot more money on gasoline and convenience foods in order to visit Keith as often as they can. The medical bills are piling up, too.

Many people have been asking Melissa “How can I help?” ” Is there anything I can do?” and there is! Please show your support to this wonderful family by donating what you can-if it’s $10 or $100. Thank you!

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