Learn the Health Benefits of Curcumin



For over 4,000 years, Ayurvedic healers have turned to turmeric—a bright orange root—for its myriad health-boosting properties. From helping to support healthy joints and ease digestion to boosting energy and even managing wounds, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practitioners have long turned to turmeric to purify the body and help promote a thriving system. What’s the key? Turmeric’s active ingredient: curcumin.

Today, naturopathic physicians and herbalists are more commonly recommending curcumin to support a healthy inflammation response. Topically, it can be applied to wounds, bruises, and muscle strains to ease pain … and its antioxidant properties mean it’s a great immune-booster and anti-ager.

I happen to love using turmeric to keep my liver running well and to fight inflammation. It also makes a great spice!

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High-quality supplements offered by the natural foods industry changed my life.   I am very sensitive to artificial ingredients, GMO’s, fillers, and low-quality ingredients (did you know if you are sensitive to something, it can create inflammation in the body – a big No-No!).

When I developed chronic fatigue, I turned to the natural foods industry to seek answers.   I began working in the supplements department of a natural foods store, and taking high-quality supplements (I’ve tried hundreds of them to find which ones work for me), and by learning how to eat well, I improved my energy levels and well-being significantly.

I cannot take prescription drugs, so for me, having access to high-quality supplements was a game-changer.

I take them every day, and they make a BIG difference in the quality of my life and well-being.  I discuss supplements in great detail in my book, The Memory of Health.

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