Inspired Family Coaching



Inspired Family Coaching
Michelle combines academic credentials with road-tested experience working with families.  Michelle’s background as a school counselor, Head Start teacher and parent group facilitator, makes her uniquely qualified to help parents and children.  As a parent herself, Michelle understands the daily challenges of family life.  All parents want to raise happy, healthy and responsible children.  Michelle can help you find your path to a fulfilling family life.  Your success is inspired by your values and your hopes and dreams for your family.  That is why her services are called Inspired Family Coaching. Please call today for an in-home consultation!
Michelle Butler, M.A.
Inspired Family Coaching works with you to find your path toward  a successful and fulfilling family life.  Three areas support a thriving family: a strong parent-child relationship; a supportive marital union; and a simplified home environment.  I offer coaching in each of these critical areas as well as individual counseling.  My fees include a 90-minute initial consultation for $69 and an hourly rate of $49.
Marriage Strengthening
Do you ever feel like your marriage is coming in last place for your time and attention?  Prioritize your relationship by identifying the kind of marriage you desire.  Understand how you and your partner can better meet each other’s emotional needs.  I will coach you and your partner toward activities that revitalize your life together.  Your entire family will benefit from the energy you put into this essential relationship.

Cultivating your Home Environment
Do you want to reclaim your home as a shelter from the harried pace of modern life?  Based on the work of Kim John Payne’s Simplicty Parenting, we will consider the four areas of your family’s home life: environment, rhythm, scheduling and media consumption.  I will help you reclaim your vision of a relaxed and nurturing place to raise your family.
Parenting Support
You can feel like a successful parent again!  Whether you need some inspiration or are confronted with a specific challenging behavior, I will work with you to identify areas of concern. Through education and parent coaching, I will help you become the confident and positive parent you want to be.  Together, we will find the strategies for success.

Individual Counseling

Have you heard the saying “You can’t pour water from an empty pitcher?”  If your family needs more than you feel able to give, we can begin the process of change by focusing on you.  I offer individual counseling focused on stress management and wellness. Your personal needs matter, too!
Groups and Workshops
Inspired Family Coaching can be done individually or in a group setting.  If your are interested in forming a group or holding a workshop at your church, preschool or day care, please contact Michelle for group rates and availability.  Participating in a group is a wonderful way to gain social support, exchange ideas and build community.  A workshop can be an affordable and timely way for numerous people to acquire knowledge and skills.
Michelle is an experienced group facilitator with training in several parenting curriculums including

Parenting with Love & Logic, Simplicity Parenting, NICASA Parenting Project, The Incredible Years as well as the divorce related series Kids Turn.  She can present on a variety of topics to fit the interests and needs of the group.