Harness the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life


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From MaryShores.com:

You Create Your Life

“The thoughts you think. The words you speak. The actions you take. They all shape the reality that you live in today. But did you know that 95% of your thoughts and actions come from your subconscious programming? This is the part of the brain that stores the beliefs you have about people, past experiences, and yourself.

For that reason, most of us live in “subconscious default mode,” meaning that we are making choices based on past experiences, not necessarily on what we really want. You see, the truth of what we want lives in the conscious mind—that’s the other 5% that represents our creativity, wishes, and desires. Yet, we’re usually operating from a space of caution, fear, or doubt thanks to our subconscious.

We say things like…

No, I’m not ready.
There’s no way I can have that.
I can’t do this.
No, that’s not possible.
I won’t ever make that much money.

And we think things like…

I’m not good enough.
I’ll never be happy.
I’ll never fall in love.
I’ll always be fat.
Life will always be hard.

The truth is, in order to have the life, the love, the career, the adventure, the health, and the deep satisfaction we crave, we have to change these old narratives into empowering ones.

The best place to begin? Making decisions from your conscious mind, and steadily changing the default settings of the subconscious mind. This is what Conscious Communications teaches you so that you can finally be free to create your ideal reality. It’s a simple process that consists of eliminating negative language, using words that work, and focusing on what you want.”

Listen to my interview with Mary Shores above, and click here to visit her website:  http://maryshores.com/about-mary/