Learn the Health Benefits of Curcumin

For over 4,000 years, Ayurvedic healers have turned to turmeric—a bright orange root—for its myriad health-boosting properties. From helping to support healthy joints and ease digestion to boosting energy and even managing wounds, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practitioners have long turned to turmeric to purify the body and help promote a thriving system. What’s the key? Turmeric’s active ingredient: curcumin. Today, naturopathic physicians and herbalists are more commonly recommending curcumin to support a healthy inflammation response. Topically, it can be […]

Why You Need Vitamin D All-Year Round

Getting your daily vitamin D dose isn’t just a wintertime concern. If you have a chronic condition – or are looking to fight your condition, Vitamin D (and don’t forget from sunshine either) may be a key player in your health and immunity.   Vitamin D also helps to create serotonin in your body, and may benefit people on the autism spectrum.  If you live in the higher latitudes, you may need to be especially vigilant about getting enough Vitamin […]

Supplements That Can Help You to Fight Stress and Help You to Relax – OM

Keep stress at bay and stay calm by making these helpful nutrients a regular part of your diet. To chill out, your parents’ generation might have chanted “om.” That was so then. Our world is different now—a 24/7 anxiety-generator, what with work, commuting, parenthood, staying connected and trying to cram more than ever into every waking hour. “Stress generates anxiety, and anxiety keeps our minds in motion,” says Mark Stengler, NMD, of Encinitas, California. “Luckily, we can choose from several […]

Are Supplements Regulated? Yes!

  Did you know that dietary supplements are 2,000 times as safe as regulated pharmaceuticals? This is good news for someone like me who is sensitive to prescription drugs.  While not every “natural” (a meaningless word currently) supplement is necessarily good for you (think herbal stimulants – most are fine, though, don’t get me wrong), supplements are nonetheless regulated and this is very good news. Issues like transparency, quality, and sourcing are very important as well to many manufacturers of […]

How To Fight Fatigue and Get Your Energy Back Using High-Quality Supplements

What should you do when tired becomes a way of life? Take a look at your diet and take advantage of natural supplements to manage chronic fatigue syndrome and ignite your energy. Look, this is a big topic.  I can’t begin to cover all of it even by a landslide in this post. My book, The Memory of Health (see below for the link), goes into great detail about different theories of chronic fatigue, and what worked for me in […]

Should I Take Supplements? How High-Quality Supplements Keep Me Well

Even if you have the “perfect diet” (we all know there’s no such thing, right?), chances are you’ll still falling short on some key nutrients. Check out this food for thought on dietary supplements, brought to you by Inside the Bottle.* Dietary supplements were once popular only with nutrition radicals. But today, they have mass appeal thanks to a growing body of clinical evidence showing that, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, supplements can support vitality in our fast-paced world. […]

Discover the Benefits of Doing Yoga! How to Add Yoga Into Your Daily Wellness Routine!

Discover Yoga!   If you are looking to be more flexible, strong, healthy, and relaxed, yoga may be just the exercise you’ve been looking for.  The full benefits of yoga have not yet been determined.  Yet there is growing evidence to suggest that yoga works to enhance physical health, stress-coping skills, and mind-body awareness among other benefits, according to the National Institutes of Health.   Yoga and other forms of mind-body fitness are my GO-TO daily practices to revitalize my […]