Essential Oils for Well-Being: Manage Stress, Improve Mood, Sleep and Energy!

Are you curious about essential oils? Come and learn how quality essential oils improved my mood, stress, and energy levels. Natural supplements can be a crucial part of achieving true well-being.  I believe in being a concious consumer and making choices for well-being based on quality information. Join me today as I talk about how quality essential oils have helped my stress levels, improved my energy levels, and improved my mood.   Knowledge is power! Free essential oils for qualified individuals!  […]

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How I Cured My Candida & Improved My Chronic Fatigue Symptoms – #CFS, #Kevita, #TheMemoryofHealth

Thank you @KeVitaDrinks! Lemon-Cayenne is a game-changer for my well-being! — Edie Summers (@ediesummers) February 3, 2016 @ediesummers thank YOU for giving us a chance! So glad we could help you, and your tastebuds, to enjoy life to the fullest 😘 — KeVita (@KeVitaDrinks) February 3, 2016   So, I’ve tried just about everything it seems to get #candida under check in my body.  I’ve tried diet, supplements, you name it.  I was beginning to wonder if it was […]