Dr. Braxton A. Cosby’s Top 5 Protein Sources to Get Your Sexy Back! With #TheFatDoc! #EatLessMoveMore #Smashon

Wanna get fit? I give you the skinny on my top 5 Protein sources!! Coming up in 5 minutes. #FatDoc #eatlessmovemore — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) September 30, 2015   So you’ve been killing it in weight room and drudging through cardio week after week but you’re not coming any closer to reaching your… — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) September 30, 2015   fitness goals. You’ve cut down your caloric intake and you’re eating 5-8 times a day, just like […]

Stress & Its Effects with Dr. Braxton A. Cosby, The Fat Doc & Smashon’s Fitness Brand Ambassador

              Welcome to another late night romp with the ‪#‎FatDoc‬ on ‪#‎FatFree‬ as I kick the knowledge on STRESS and it’s EFFECTS. ‪#‎eatlessmovemore‬ Are you stressed out? I mean, mentally maxed to the bone to the point where you can’t find a way to stand right side up? The pressures of life seem to be closing in on you by the second? Well, it’s time to change your perspective and get things back on track. Because you can and […]

Six Ways Anger Kills – Ask The Fat Doc & Smashon Fitness Brand Ambassador Braxton A. Cosby!

Hey #Twitterverse! It’s the #FatDoc and it’s time for another session of #FatFree. Tonight I’m talking about the six ways Anger kills. — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) September 16, 2015   Being angry has multiple negative effects on the body; most of which impact not only your mind, but mainly your heart. #eatlessmovemore — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) September 16, 2015   In what ways, you ask? Let’s start with the impact on the small vessels of the heart – […]

Tackling Exercise Myths with The Fat Doc, Braxton Cosby! Myth: Getting Rid of Belly Fat Doing Crunches or The “Ab Machine”

            Welcome everyone and thank you for stopping by. This is ‪#‎FATFREE‬ and I am the ‪#‎FATDOC‬. Tonight I am running my mouth and spitting out the facts on exercise and fitness myths that may be making you and/or keeping fat on you. The exercise myth I’m tackling tonight is: Doing crunches or working on an “ab machine” will get rid of belly fat. Don’t we wish it was that easy. Think about it. Everyone […]

Legs Exercises – Squats, Lunges and Low Walks with the Fat Doc, Braxton A. Cosby!

  Hey #Tweeters! It’s #FatFree time with the #FatDoc. Today we’re talking about my 3 favorite legs exercises – squats, lunges and low walks. — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) September 2, 2015   #Squats are my #1 favorite legs exercises. I know that if you want some booty and or some muscle definition, squats are the fastest way… — Braxton A. Cosby (@BraxtonACosby) September 2, 2015   to get there. Larger muscles need heavy weight to get larger. Keep reps […]