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This is my user-friendly book on how to get more energy NOW!  It’s called Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy! For a more detailed exploration of how to get more energy, check out my new book called The Memory of Health.   Visit my author website!   My latest book is out:  The Memory of Health You can find it on,, Barnes and and more!   This book was a labor of love.  It took me […]

My Book and E-Book Are Out! Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!

Get My New Book: Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!  Get My E-Book! Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!

Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!

My new book is out! Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy! Here are the book and the e-book on my storefront:                    

Free On-Going Mind-Body Fitness Videos and Guided Meditations! Join for Free Today!

On-going free mind-body fitness videos and guided meditations. Join our wellness community for free today! — Edie Summers (@ediesummers) August 29, 2013                      

Self-Coach Your Way to Energy & Free Guided Meditation!

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  The Wellness Coach is now one of The Top 300 shows on BlogTalkRadio!  Stop by and share your shine! Advertise on The Wellness Coach! Are you a company or have a product in the natural foods industry?  Maybe you’re a coach or company that promotes wellness, self-development or environmental responsibility?  Looking for advertisers and sponsors! The Wellness Coach is one of the top 300 shows (out of 15,000) on BlogTalkRadio.   We can do 30 second – 1 minute […]

Wellness Professionals: Discover How to Automate Your Sales & Marketing

  Are you a holistic practitioner or wellness professional looking to increase sales significantly and manage customer relationships efficiently? Most likely you wish to focus your energy on helping people.  Let InfusionSoft help you! InfusionSoft is the best in it’s class in sales and marketing. Click on the link to watch a free demo! Infusionsoft makes your sales and marketing simple. How? By bringing together everything you need into a single online system built exclusively for small businesses. CRM to help you […]

The Vanishing Honeybee and Your Health

The honeybee is vanishing due to pesticides.  Honeybees pollinate crops like apples, cucumbers, and blueberries.   What would you or your health do without these foods? Over 100,000 species go extinct ever year.   This is an alarming statistic.  Species evolve over millions of years.  Most last around 10 million years if not disrupted.  The rate of extinction is now 100 to 1000 greater than it used to be. What would we do without the honeybee? I explore environmental toxins and their […]

Create A Social Networking Site or Paid Membership Site for Businesses!

Have you ever wanted your very own social networking site?  Maybe you want to create a site that specializes in your interests, such as action movies, electronic music, or vintage clothing. Or maybe you want to create a website for your church, non-profit, or business.  Here is my membership wellness community, where I offer self and group coaching, support groups for weight loss and chronic conditions, and much much more! Having a membership website is actually a main goal of […]

The Wellness Coach is One of the Top 300 Shows on BlogTalkRadio!

I am honored to be one of the top 300 shows on BlogTalkRadio!   Stop by and share your shine!