The Memory of Health: How to Get & Stay Well – Living a Healthy Lifestyle

My latest book ~ — Edie Summers (@ediesummers) July 14, 2016 A memoir and guide to living well. The Memory of Health is a meditation and conversation on well-being. What makes you thrive, even in the face of great odds? What makes you come alive? At the age of 22, Edie developed chronic fatigue after having surgery for a ski accident. While physical therapy was helpful, she had to seek alternative treatment to regain full use of her knee. […]

Tools For Setting Yourself Free

How to Heal: Step Out of Your Own Shadow

When we step outside of our own shadow, we find our purity of self, power or non-egoic presence, and brilliance of soul. #TheMemoryofHealth — Edie Summers (@ediesummers) November 16, 2014  

5 Keys to Sustainable Well-Being

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